A Magical Mystery Time,
by Brooke Halpin
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"If you were around in the sixties this is a beautiful journey that Brooke Halpin is sharing. If you are too young to have been there...this is a must read for insight into a very special time and a very special world. Don't miss this one." -Amazon 5 Star Reader Review
A Magical Mystery Time Book Cover

From February 1964 to 1970, it was a magical, mysterious time when The Beatles were a powerful force that shaped an entire generation of teens throughout the world. Trevor Hampton, the character in Brooke Halpin' s new novel, was one of those teens. Trevor was so infatuated with and enamored by The Beatles, that he thought he was a Beatle. A Magical Mystery Time, based on a true story, is about Trevor’s musical dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful rock and roller, who devoutly followed everything The Beatles did. But there were pot holes and dead ends on this obstacle laden long and winding road, that led Trevor to disillusionment and shattered dreams. Before he could move forward -- away from his false identity and life beyond The Beatles -- he had to get back to his past and resolve outstanding issues.

Was Trevor able to get off his magical, mystery ride and come down to Earth? Would he ever get beyond yesterday? Find out in A Magical Mystery Time, the new novel by author Brooke Halpin. Available now at these e-book locations:

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A Magical Mystery Time Book Cover
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More Reader Reviews:

"Trevor's gang of band mates, his bevy of female friends and their antics are a hoot. But the fun is had against the background of a fractured family life, an unsupportive father, and a failed marriage while trying to make it big in a highly competitive music business. If your teenage and young adult years were spent enjoying rock and roll especially the Beatles, you are familiar with central Connecticut, you played in a band or followed a favorite local band, you will find "A Magical Mystery Time" a very enjoyable read." -Amazon Reader 5 Star Review

"I enjoyed this book as it was a sentimental journey for me. Going back to the days when the Beatles were all the rage brought back wonderful memories and good times that I will never forget. It was a fun read throughout!" -Amazon Reader 5 Star Review
The Magical Mystery Time Photo Album
A Magical Mystery Time Book Cover
Some characters and events from
A Magical Mystery Time:
The Pandemoniums
The Pandemoniums, circa 1966.


Pandemoniums Falmouth Hotel Album Cover
The Pandemoniums, Falmouth Hotel, 1966.
Trevor 12 String
Trevor, 12-string at the ready. Rehearsals, 1968.
Trevor in Room
Main character Trevor Hampton at Jenny Crain's, 1967. The doll seems to like what he hears, even through the plastic wrap.
The Pandemoniums with the Isley Brothers
The Pandemoniums backing the Isley Brothers, 1967.
Trevor and Clive
Trevor and Clive warming up before a gig, 1968.
Trevor at Long Island Sound, 1968.
Clive Walker
Clive in 1968. Note Beatles and Pandemoniums posters in the background.
Mike Patterson
Mike Patterson, 4 O'Clock Recording Sessions.
Trevor at Beach
Trevor at the beach, Misquamicut, Rhode Island, 1969.
4 oclock Graveside
4 O'Clock 1969 promotional photo: "Turn me on, Dead Man."
4 oclock album cover
4 O'Clock debut album cover, 1970.
Trevor Beetle
Trevor in his Beetle, 1969.
Available on Amazon A Magical Mystery Time at Amazon.com
A Magical Mystery Time
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A Magical Mystery Time
at the Sony eReader Bookstore
A Magical Mystery Time
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